Thursday, 24 November 2011

Loveday Wins Seat for MK!

The Camborne and Redruth Branch will be celebrating this weekend after voters elected their third Cornwall Councillor in the parliamentary constituency.

Dr Loveday Jenkin was elected yesterday with over 36% of the vote in a by-election for Wendron following the sudden death of Independent Councillor Mike Clayton. In her post on Facebook following the announcement of the results late last night Cllr Jenkin said:

"Now the hard work starts! Who's standing for MK in the next by-election?"

Originally from Leedstown, Cllr Jenkin knows the ward intimately and was the obvious choice for Councillor. MK is the party that people are increasingly turning towards, as the only party that works for the people by the people and able to put Cornwall first.

The results of the election were:

MK 36.4%
L Dem 22.3%
C 19.4%
Ind 15.1%
Lab 6.8%

MK – A Party of Difference, A Party of Principle

Trips to conferences in Scotland and Brussels, organising the Mebyon Kernow sixtieth anniversary conference and a Cornwall Council by election are just some of the eclectic mix of activities that members of the branch have been up to over the past couple of months.

Members have also been busy out talking to residents and working to meet their needs in the way that only MK councillors can seem to do properly. It seems more and more people are putting their support firmly behind MK as the message reaches out to the young and old alike that it is the only political party that is based in Cornwall and works for the good of the people of Cornwall. People are realising that MK has nothing to hide and that it is a different kind of political party, because it is a party of principle.

In this video MK Party Leader Cllr. Dick Cole sets out a brief history of the party over the last 60 years and the Cornish people who have made the party what it is today. As Cllr. Cole says in his speech:

"We join MK – people like you and I – because we are passionate about Cornwall and we are passionate about doing what is right for Cornwall and that is what matters."

MK truly is the only choice for the people of Cornwall.