Sunday, 4 December 2011

All Invited to Campaign Launch

A MK Councillor is appealing for people to join his campaign to uncover what he is calling the lies of housing development that he says the government are telling the people of Cornwall.

In a letter to residents, Councillor Stephen Richardson is asking people to attend a public meeting later this month, where he will launch a campaign that he aims will expose the "lies" that he says are a "travesty" for local people. Councillor Richardson, who represents Illogan ward, said in his letter that Westminster politicians are "cynically misleading us" and are creating "profits for developers on the back of houses which local people can’t even begin to hope to afford to buy."
Cllr. Richardson, who is a Redruth businessman, admits that to try to change the government’s position would be a huge undertaking, but says that he can no longer stand back and do nothing, adding:

"All Westminster politicians use terms such as ‘Localism’ and ‘Affordable Housing’ in order to appear as if they know and understand the problems that we face in Cornwall. The truth is that when you look closely at the small print and official definitions of these terms they are actually ways of encouraging development. They are not ways of giving people real choices or help them to find a decent home for their family.

"Mebyon Kernow - the Party for Cornwall is the only political party that provides a genuinely different housing policy for the people of Cornwall. We believe that good quality housing is a basic human need rather than purely a device for making money."

The public meeting will be held at The Meeting Room, Melting Pot Café, Krowji, Redruth on Wednesday 14th December 2012 at 7:00pm and all are welcome.
Contact for further information.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Councillor Wishes Residents Happy Christmas With Card

This Christmas, Councillor’s will be out delivering a personal message of good cheer to their constituents by hand delivering Christmas cards to over 6000 homes in Camborne and Illogan.

In a tradition that stretches back almost a decade Mebyon Kernow Councillors have been delivering Christmas cards to wish residents a Merry Christmas and to say thank you for their continued support. Councillor Stuart Cullimore, who started the local tradition in 2003, said:

''We like to deliver our Christmas cards to the people in our wards to share a bit of Christmas with them and to repay, in a small way, the faith they have placed in us as their elected representatives."

Cllr. Cullimore added that by delivering the cards by hand, councillors get a further chance to meet up with people personally to say hello, at what can be a lonely time for many:

"I think it is also a good time to meet the residents of my ward and wish them a merry Christmas personally I like to think that all the members of the community know me personally, people seem to like our cards I even know people who have kept all the ones we have done over the years."

The design for this year’s card has been contributed by local artist Paul Jenkin and the Christmas message is in the Cornish and English languages. Some of the cost of the Christmas cards is covered by contributions from MK members, but the majority of the cost is met by the councillors themselves.

Contact for more information.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Loveday Wins Seat for MK!

The Camborne and Redruth Branch will be celebrating this weekend after voters elected their third Cornwall Councillor in the parliamentary constituency.

Dr Loveday Jenkin was elected yesterday with over 36% of the vote in a by-election for Wendron following the sudden death of Independent Councillor Mike Clayton. In her post on Facebook following the announcement of the results late last night Cllr Jenkin said:

"Now the hard work starts! Who's standing for MK in the next by-election?"

Originally from Leedstown, Cllr Jenkin knows the ward intimately and was the obvious choice for Councillor. MK is the party that people are increasingly turning towards, as the only party that works for the people by the people and able to put Cornwall first.

The results of the election were:

MK 36.4%
L Dem 22.3%
C 19.4%
Ind 15.1%
Lab 6.8%

MK – A Party of Difference, A Party of Principle

Trips to conferences in Scotland and Brussels, organising the Mebyon Kernow sixtieth anniversary conference and a Cornwall Council by election are just some of the eclectic mix of activities that members of the branch have been up to over the past couple of months.

Members have also been busy out talking to residents and working to meet their needs in the way that only MK councillors can seem to do properly. It seems more and more people are putting their support firmly behind MK as the message reaches out to the young and old alike that it is the only political party that is based in Cornwall and works for the good of the people of Cornwall. People are realising that MK has nothing to hide and that it is a different kind of political party, because it is a party of principle.

In this video MK Party Leader Cllr. Dick Cole sets out a brief history of the party over the last 60 years and the Cornish people who have made the party what it is today. As Cllr. Cole says in his speech:

"We join MK – people like you and I – because we are passionate about Cornwall and we are passionate about doing what is right for Cornwall and that is what matters."

MK truly is the only choice for the people of Cornwall.

Monday, 10 October 2011

True Tales of Redruth

A book will be launched later this month containing stories that local people from Redruth have contributed as part of a community project.
‘True Tales of Redruth’ will launch on 24th October 2011 and is part of a wider a wider centennial celebration to celebrate the life and work of Philanthropist John Passmore Edwards (1823-1911). The book will be sold at different venues around the town, including:

The Melting Pot
Hands on Craft and Mysterious Lady
Oxford Inn
The Emporium
GR8 Cafe
Market Way Cafe
Curio City
Bond Street Opticians
Arts and Graphics
Country Store Health
Greens Newsagents
Cornwall Centre
Redruth Town Council

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Member Writes to Prime Minister about Poverty

A member of the Branch has written to the Prime Minister on behalf of his daughter, about the high levels of poverty in the Camborne, Pool and Redruth area.

The letter is written in a private capacity by Rhisiart Tal-e-bot, who hi
ghlights the depravation that can be found in Camborne, Pool and Redruth area and challenges Prime Minister David Cameron to explain to his four year old daughter that these issues will take more than simple donations of food to be resolved.

In the expectation that little will be done to alleviate the poverty in the area by the current government, collection points for donations of food can be made at Tesco in Redruth, Camborne and Pool and all 17 Methodist Chapels in the Camborne-Redruth Circuit, Camborne Parish Church, in addition to several other places in the area. The full text of the letter can be found below.

David Cameron MP
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Dear Prime Minister David Cameron

Poverty and Deprivation in Redruth and Camborne

I am writing this on behalf of my four year old daughter who is sitting next to me who is concerned about the high level of food poverty that is apparent in our community.

On the front cover of the last two editions of the Camborne and Redruth West Briton newspaper, a story has run about the poverty that exists in the area of Cornwall where we live. On reading the article to my wife and discussing the issues involved in front of our four year old daughter, she was eager for the article to be explained to her, because one of the featured stories involved a mum-to-be who had to visit a local food bank with her partner due to a severe lack of food. The article went on to say that the food bank was in such high demand recently that it was running very low on stock and could not remain open if further donations of food were not made by the public. My daughter understands to an extent that it is important to eat properly when pregnant, but she could not understand that the couple did not have enough to eat.

My daughter said that the story made her feel sad and she asked if we could do anything. We explained that we could take food to the food bank (which we subsequently did), but that the problems were much greater than that and could not be solved with simple donations of food. I am an active campaigner, involved in local politics, undertake a great deal of charity work and work in a college of further education in the area and I am all too aware of the poverty and deprivation that exists here.

In June 2011 a report announced that in one of the estates near where we live, childhood poverty affects 66% of households and in Cornwall as a whole 1 in 5 children under 16 years of age lives in poverty. These figures are distressing and a far cry from the Cornwall that wealthy tourists often like to visit like Rock and St Mawes. In the Redruth and Camborne areas of Cornwall we rarely see tourists and poverty is tangible. (Many people here cannot afford to take one holiday a year, let alone five of them).

When a further front page newspaper article in the West Britain came out this week showing two of the food bank volunteers smiling and surrounded by food that had been donated by people in the area - who had also been clearly effected by the news item - my daughter was under the impression that the problem had been solved. It was then that I decided to write to you in the hope that you could give her a better understanding of the depth of these issues by putting them into context and showing her that the gap between rich and poor is insurmountable and growing in our current political and economic climate and that if she would like to do anything about the situation in the future a complete system overhaul is necessary.

I wish you luck with the challenge that I have set, but then again I do not expect much hope of you ever acknowledging this letter, let alone responding to it. Even though I am writing this in a private capacity I do nevertheless intend to make the letter public for the sole purpose that some level of shame can be brought to bear on anyone who could possibly deny that these are pressing problems and do not need to be tackled as a matter of priority.

Yours sincerely

Rhisiart Tal-e-bot
(On behalf of Owen Champliaud Tal-e-bot)

CC Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg MP

Contact Rhisiart Tal-e-bot for follow up comment on this issue at the one of the contact below:

Tel: M: 0044(0)7787318666

Councillor Travels to Poland to Attend Conference

A Redruth councillor will leave Cornwall this weekend (4th September 2011) to attend a weeklong conference in Poland.

Cllr. John Rowe, who represents Mebyon Kernow (MK) on Carn Brea Council, was selected to take part in the conference by the European Youth Forum, which is Europe’s largest youth organisation. Cllr. Rowe, who is 26 years of age, is MK’s youth coordinator and an active member of the Camborne and Redruth Branch. The European conference will receive delegates from most European states and will aim to foster better cooperation between young people, between west and east Europe in particular.

Speaking to members of the executive committee of the Branch, Cllr. Rowe said that by attending the conference he hoped to meet with representatives from some of the eastern European countries whose young people have moved to Cornwall for work. Cllr. Rowe said:

"Coming from a farming family in Barriper I have regularly come into contact with different people’s from eastern Europe and I would like to gain a better understanding of the situation in these countries. Traditionally young people from Cornwall have left to travel to many countries throughout the world to look for work and this is still happening to an extent and this has created a brain drain effect. I hope to learn more from the shared dialogue about how social mobility has changed things in these other countries too."

Cllr. John Rowe can be contacted below:

Phone: 01209 719645

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Councillor Gets the 'Hubbadullya’ Treatment

An Illogan MK Councillor was interviewed last week on a local radio programme.

Cllr. Stephen Richardson was interviewed by Mike Chappell on the new ‘Hubbadullya’ programme on Redruth Radio last Thursday (25th August 2011) and discussed topics such as the Localism Bill, planning and an Assembly for Cornwall as well as looking at the role of a Parish council and several related subjects. Writing on his blog, Cllr.Richardson said that the name of the programme, ‘Hubbadullya’, means 'riotous noise' in Cornish and that "the mix of Cornish news, views and music certainly fits the bill," adding:

"Following on from the likes of Sarah Newton and George Eustice I was very nervous, but hope that I gave a good account of myself during my first ever radio interview."

Cllr. Richardson is the first MK politician to be interviewed as part of the programme, which aims to broadcast Cornish and Celtic Music and have a different take on news reportage in the local press.

The new ‘Hubbadullya’ radio programme has become increasing popular in the area since its recent launch in July 2011 and runs every Thursday between 10 and 12 in the morning. Mike Chappell and Tony Leamon, who run the programme, also have a highly popular radio show on Source FM called ‘One and All’. The ‘One and All’ programme, which runs every Thursday from 9 to 11 in the morning from the Source FM station in Falmouth, will interview MK Leader Cllr. Dick Cole tomorrow (29th August 2011).

Redruth Radio broadcasts online and covers the Redruth, Portreath, Camborne and surrounding areas and is situated within the renovated 'Elms' Centre in Green Lane, Redruth.

Cllr. Richardson is an active member of the MK Branch and a respected councillor for Illogan, where he lives and runs a successful small business.


Redruth Radio:
Cllr Richardson’s Blog:
Source FM:

Thursday, 25 August 2011

MK councillor and Youth member visits Poland on Presidency Youth Conference

Cllr John Rowe a Carn Brea parish councillor and Mebyon Kernow youth group chair will be visiting Poland for a EU Youth Conference on developing social mobility and cooperation between young people from the EU and EU-neighbouring countries, with a focus on Eastern Europe and Caucasus Area. The conference is hosted by the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, in cooperation with the European Youth Forum and with the support of the European Commission.

During the EU Youth Conference, youth delegates, representatives of EU ministries, and members of the polish government will work jointly to develop practical recommendations on reducing barriers, developing new tools and concrete mechanisms needed to foster the mobility and cooperation between young people from EU and from EU-neighbouring countries with a focus on Eastern Europe and Caucasus. The material produced from the conference will be used to inform the European council’s conclusions on Youth mobility in the eastern Block. Cllr Rowe said

“Social mobility is a real problem in Cornwall. So many of our brightest feel the need to leave so that they can fulfil their potential, or they graduate and never return home. There is a real brain drain. Mebyon Kernow is committed to creating a positive, dynamic business and economic environment where young Cornishmen and women can flourish. I hope to learn more from the shared dialogue on how social mobility has increased in other countries. “

Monday, 22 August 2011

Going that extra mile

MK Branch activists are regularly involved in charity work, which shows that our members are not just interested in party politics, but are sincerely concerned about the communities where they live.

Three branch activists who are regularly involved in charity work are Paul Jenkin, Cllr. John Rowe and Rhisiart Tal-e-bot. On Friday (19th August 2011) Cllr. John Rowe and Rhisiart Tal-e-bot undertook a mile long charity swim for MacMillan Cancer Support, while Paul Jenkin is using his talent to plan a music and art/craft event in Praze to raise money for the Precious Lives Appeal in October.

Speaking after the swim Cllr. Rowe said that it is important to take part in charity events in your local community, because it is necessary to show a community spirit and raise money for good causes along the way.

Further information about the Praze event, please contact Paul on

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Protect Porthtowan Dunes Council Asked

A member of the Camborne and Redruth constituency branch of MK has written to Cornwall Council’s Environment portfolio holder, Cllr. Julian German, to ask that better protection is given to the dunes in Porthtowan and to encourage members of the public to respect the area for the benefit of future generations.

In his letter, Rhisiart Tal-e-bot, says:

"It would be a shame indeed if, through neglect and lack of protection, the sand from the dunes was blown away and with it the very thing in nature that gave Porthtowan its name."

Mr Tal-e-bot’s letter was also copied to Porthtowan councillor Nigel Ekins and the full text of which is set out below.

Councillor Julian German
Cornwall Council

Dear Councillor German

Protection of Porthtowan Sand Dunes

I am writing to you in order to bring to your attention my concerns about the way the sand dunes at Porthtowan are being used by the public and the apparent lack of protection that they are receiving from the Council.

As a resident of Redruth one of my local beaches is Porthtowan and my family and I like to visit the area at least once a week for leisure. I am often perturbed during my visits to see people walking over the sand dunes in spite of signs from Cornwall Council that clearly ask people to “respect” the dunes by keeping off them and “abiding by the laws”. Admittedly the sand dunes are partly fenced off, but there are large gaps in the fences surrounding the area that people freely pass through to use the dunes as a short cut and/or for their leisure activities.

This week for instance I saw many people walking over and sitting on the dunes, including groups of children who were sliding down the slopes, while their parents enjoyed a drink at the Blue Bar. I later noticed litter had been dropped where the children had been playing. I am not a kill joy by any means, but I think that better protection needs to be awarded to the dunes if they are to continue into the future. Porthtowan is a lovely beach area and there is no need to venture on to the dunes, because there is plenty of sand that can be played on or used by everyone, even when the tide in high. There are even designated pathways across the dunes that can be used by the public as a short cut.

Even though the dunes at Porthtowan are not protected as sites of special scientific interest and/or special areas of conservation they do “support plant species such as sea holly and sea spurge”, as Cornwall Council website rightly points out. Further the sand dunes are natural sea defences and home to a range of flora and fauna, including marram grass, which keeps the sand on the dunes from being blown away and eroded by the weather. If the biodiversity of the dunes is weakened - in this case through erosion caused by human activity - then the unique environment and character of the area could indeed be effected.

As you will be aware the name Porthtowan derives from the words 'porth' and 'tewynn' to mean Cove of Sand Dunes and so it is evident that the dunes have been an integral part of the area for a long time. It would be a shame indeed if, through neglect and lack of protection, the sand from the dunes was blown away and with it the very thing in nature that gave Porthtowan its name.

I would therefore like to call on you to encourage the public to respect the sand dunes at Porthtowan and to bring in tighter restrictions for public access onto the dunes, so that they can be enjoyed for future generations. Some of the ways that this can easily be achieved is through the mending of the fences that surround the dunes, clearly indicate footpaths, the erection of more signs telling the public to stay within the designated areas and the importance the dunes have to the environmental uniqueness of the area by making the public aware of what flora and fauna can be found there.

I look forward to your response in this matter and any suggestions for improvements you may have.

Yours sincerely

Rhisiart Tal-e-bot
Communications officer
Camborne and Redruth branch
Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall

CC Councillor Nigel Ekins

The Camborne and Redruth Branch

The Mebyon Kernow Camborne and Redruth Branch is one of six parliamentary constituency branches of MK throughout Cornwall. The Branch is made up of ordinary people who want the best for their community and believe that MK is the only party that can achieve this goal.

With the people – for the people!

Branch Blog:

Branch Facebook Group:!/groups/218031968225232/

Camborne District Website:

Branch Twitter Account:!/MKcam_red

TEL: 01209 319912 MOBILE: 07787318666

Monday, 15 August 2011

Councillors Call for Debate on Cornish Assembly

Councillors from the Branch have signed an internet petition urging the UK Government to have a debate in the House of Commons about a devolved assembly for Cornwall.

Cornish campaigners started the e-petition, which has the support from the MK Branch executive committee and is meant to be an easy way for the general public to influence government policy in the UK.

The e-petition can be started about anything that the government is responsible for and if it gets at least 100,000 signatures within a year of being started, it will be eligible for debate in the House of Commons. If you'd like to show your support for a Cornish Assembly you can find the petition at the link below.

MK originally started the original petition calling for a Cornish Assembly that collected over 50 000 signatures.

Councillor for Carn Brea, John Rowe said:

"… it’s important because it can trigger a debate in Parliament about the issue. After getting 50,000 signatures in the assembly campaign in 2001, the Labour government completely ignored us, despite over 10 % of the Cornish electorate stating that they wanted an assembly. I hope by triggering a debate in the House of Commons, it would be harder for the political class to sweep the issue under the carpet again because it does not suit their agenda."

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Attitude of Tory Councillor Questioned

In his latest blog post MK Councillor for Illogan asks why a Tory Cornwall councillor is dismissing an e-petition campaign calling for a debate into Cornish ethnicity as ‘spam’.

Cllr. Steve Richardson has questioned the logic that a Tory Councillor is using in calling an e-petition that has been set up urging the House of Commons to debate the issue of whether the Cornish should be recognised by the Government as a national minority as ‘spam’. According to Cllr. Richardson, Cllr. Chris Ridgers has written on Twitter that people should dismiss the e-petition as ‘spam’ and that his general attitude towards people who are trying to publicise the campaign is "rude" and "arrogant".

Cllr. Richardson questions how in touch Ridgers is with Tory Party policy in general, especially in view of the fact that Cornwall Council Tory Leader, Cllr. Alec Robertson, signed his name to a recent report arguing the case for the Cornish to be recognised as a national minority group. Cllr. Richardson adds that Ridgers does not even seem to be aware of what’s "going on in his own backyard", as his evident cluelessness about the possibility of a tourist tax showed.

Cllr. Richardson’s blog post can be found at the link below:

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Priorities Listed for Branch

The executive committee of the Camborne and Redruth Constituency branch held their first meeting last night in Pool.

All members were in attendance and a number of issues were discussed including what the main priorities for the branch should be over the next six months. A number of interesting initiatives were proposed at the meeting, including developing the MK Redruth group, raising the profile of MK activists and councillors in the area and working more closely with its grass roots members.

The Committee is keen to encourage the many supporters it has to become more active in making a political stand for their communities in the constituency and will be working to this end over the coming months.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Illogan Councillor Calls for Referendum on Stadium

Discussions about a possible stadium for Cornwall are continuing and there has been a lot of speculation about what the outcome will be.

In his letter to the press last week (see West Britain, dated 4 August 2011), Illogan’s MK Councillor Stephen Richardson calls on Cornwall Council to let the people of Cornwall decide on what the future holds. Cllr. Richardson says that Cornwall Council should use the DemCon ‘localism agenda’ to invoke a referendum on whether the stadium should be built or not and who should pay for it. As

Cllr. Richardson rightly points out:

"Surely if there was ever a case for a 'local referendum' then this is it? Not only could we have a referendum we could also vote on whether we should pay for it through voting to allow Cornwall Council to go over a government imposed cap on council tax."

The full text of Cllr. Richardson’s letter is set out below.

"There seems to be much angst amongst Cornish politicos as to whether or not we should have a brand new, shiny stadium right here in little Kernow. On the one hand we have those who are trying to build a CV or reputation on the back of a stadium. These people are quick off the mark to extol the economic and social benefits of a stadium.

They go through the usual rigmarole of wholly hypothetical projections and estimates to tell us that this many jobs will be created or that many £millions will be generated from building this complex of stadium and 'sports village'.

On the other hand we have others who complain about how much it is all going to cost and worry about just exactly who is actually going to get any benefit from the stadium. Why should we pay for something that only a few will benefit from? Personally, I think that this project is something that could be good for Cornwall.

Why shouldn't the people of Cornwall be able to enjoy big events and the opportunities that this could deliver? Why shouldn't Cornwall be able to compete on the prestigious world stage in the modern world? I also think that if there truly is a benefit to be gleaned for Cornwall then the stadium should be owned and managed by Cornwall and not sold off to others to take the profit while the people pay the bills. If the benefits are there then the investment would be worthwhile.

However, raising the money to pay for it shouldn't rely on greedy developers being granted licence to run riot with unaffordable and unnecessary housing developments as the price for getting it built. The thing is there are probably just as many people who would prefer to keep green fields and a quieter life as there are that would welcome a stadium. So here's an idea.

Why not use the much vaunted Localism agenda bought to us by the ConDem government. Surely if there was ever a case for a 'local referendum' then this is it? Not only could we have a referendum we could also vote on whether we should pay for it through voting to allow Cornwall Council to go over a government imposed cap on council tax. Come on Cornwall Council let the people decide. Do we want a stadium and do we want to pay for it?"

Contact Cllr. Stephen Richardson for follow up comment.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Branch Executive Meeting

The Camborne and Redruth branch executive committee will be holding a meeting on Tuesday 6th August in Carn Brea parish at 5pm.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Executive Committee Formed

The Camborne and Redruth branch of Mebyon Kermow - the party for Cornwall (MK) have voted for a new executive committee.

The executive branch committee comprises:

The Camborne and Redruth branch of Mebyon Kermow - the party for Cornwall (MK) have voted for a new executive committee.

The executive branch committee comprises:

Chair: Cllr. Stuart Cullimore

A courageous fighter for Camborne West and its people, he has campaigned hard on many issues, both great and small, in his ward. He was on Kerrier District Council elections coming at the top of a 12-strong field and is still a Councillor on Camborne Town Council where he was first elected in 2000. Stuart is the Chairman of the Budget and Development Committee. Stuart is a Cornwall Councillor representing the Camborne South Ward.

Secretary/Constituency organiser: Cllr. Stephen Richardson

Stephen became a member of the Illogan Parish Council in June 2010 when he won a by-election with over 70% of the vote. He has worked hard to resolve many local issues and has played a leading role in the development of a policy on by-elections and co-option. One of the things that Stephen is fighting for is a better planning system that puts local need ahead of developers’ greed.
As public services spokesman for Mebyon Kernow, Stephen is a member of the National Executive Committee. He is also an active member of the Camborne/Redruth branch.
Stephen has a degree in law and has been a business manager for over twenty five years. Stephen is married and has three children.

Treasurer: Cllr. Helen Cullimore

Helene was first elected to Camborne Town Council in 2001 and was a previous member of Kerrier District Council. A diligent and hard-working councillor she has fought hard for local residents and community groups alike.

Constituency Agent: Cllr. John Rowe

John is 25 years old and works on the family farm in Barripper and in Robert's Fish and Chips in Illogan. He is a Parish Councillor for Carn Brea, where he is the Tree Warden. John is the chair of the Centre for Study of Cornish Nationalism. In his spare time he enjoys learning Cornish translating Breton language books.

Communications Officer: Rhisiart Tal-e-bot

Rhisiart is a lecturer at Cornwall College, Camborne and runs a Saturday Cornish language preschool at the site every Saturday. He moved to Redruth in 2009 and has previously worked as a primary school teacher in Camborne. He has been active campaigner in Cornwall since he moved to the country from Wales in the mid 1990’s and is the General Secretary of the Celtic League. He enjoys watching rugby, walking and music and is married with two children.