Sunday, 28 August 2011

Councillor Gets the 'Hubbadullya’ Treatment

An Illogan MK Councillor was interviewed last week on a local radio programme.

Cllr. Stephen Richardson was interviewed by Mike Chappell on the new ‘Hubbadullya’ programme on Redruth Radio last Thursday (25th August 2011) and discussed topics such as the Localism Bill, planning and an Assembly for Cornwall as well as looking at the role of a Parish council and several related subjects. Writing on his blog, Cllr.Richardson said that the name of the programme, ‘Hubbadullya’, means 'riotous noise' in Cornish and that "the mix of Cornish news, views and music certainly fits the bill," adding:

"Following on from the likes of Sarah Newton and George Eustice I was very nervous, but hope that I gave a good account of myself during my first ever radio interview."

Cllr. Richardson is the first MK politician to be interviewed as part of the programme, which aims to broadcast Cornish and Celtic Music and have a different take on news reportage in the local press.

The new ‘Hubbadullya’ radio programme has become increasing popular in the area since its recent launch in July 2011 and runs every Thursday between 10 and 12 in the morning. Mike Chappell and Tony Leamon, who run the programme, also have a highly popular radio show on Source FM called ‘One and All’. The ‘One and All’ programme, which runs every Thursday from 9 to 11 in the morning from the Source FM station in Falmouth, will interview MK Leader Cllr. Dick Cole tomorrow (29th August 2011).

Redruth Radio broadcasts online and covers the Redruth, Portreath, Camborne and surrounding areas and is situated within the renovated 'Elms' Centre in Green Lane, Redruth.

Cllr. Richardson is an active member of the MK Branch and a respected councillor for Illogan, where he lives and runs a successful small business.


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