Saturday, 3 September 2011

Councillor Travels to Poland to Attend Conference

A Redruth councillor will leave Cornwall this weekend (4th September 2011) to attend a weeklong conference in Poland.

Cllr. John Rowe, who represents Mebyon Kernow (MK) on Carn Brea Council, was selected to take part in the conference by the European Youth Forum, which is Europe’s largest youth organisation. Cllr. Rowe, who is 26 years of age, is MK’s youth coordinator and an active member of the Camborne and Redruth Branch. The European conference will receive delegates from most European states and will aim to foster better cooperation between young people, between west and east Europe in particular.

Speaking to members of the executive committee of the Branch, Cllr. Rowe said that by attending the conference he hoped to meet with representatives from some of the eastern European countries whose young people have moved to Cornwall for work. Cllr. Rowe said:

"Coming from a farming family in Barriper I have regularly come into contact with different people’s from eastern Europe and I would like to gain a better understanding of the situation in these countries. Traditionally young people from Cornwall have left to travel to many countries throughout the world to look for work and this is still happening to an extent and this has created a brain drain effect. I hope to learn more from the shared dialogue about how social mobility has changed things in these other countries too."

Cllr. John Rowe can be contacted below:

Phone: 01209 719645

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