Sunday, 14 August 2011

Attitude of Tory Councillor Questioned

In his latest blog post MK Councillor for Illogan asks why a Tory Cornwall councillor is dismissing an e-petition campaign calling for a debate into Cornish ethnicity as ‘spam’.

Cllr. Steve Richardson has questioned the logic that a Tory Councillor is using in calling an e-petition that has been set up urging the House of Commons to debate the issue of whether the Cornish should be recognised by the Government as a national minority as ‘spam’. According to Cllr. Richardson, Cllr. Chris Ridgers has written on Twitter that people should dismiss the e-petition as ‘spam’ and that his general attitude towards people who are trying to publicise the campaign is "rude" and "arrogant".

Cllr. Richardson questions how in touch Ridgers is with Tory Party policy in general, especially in view of the fact that Cornwall Council Tory Leader, Cllr. Alec Robertson, signed his name to a recent report arguing the case for the Cornish to be recognised as a national minority group. Cllr. Richardson adds that Ridgers does not even seem to be aware of what’s "going on in his own backyard", as his evident cluelessness about the possibility of a tourist tax showed.

Cllr. Richardson’s blog post can be found at the link below:

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