Saturday, 3 December 2011

Councillor Wishes Residents Happy Christmas With Card

This Christmas, Councillor’s will be out delivering a personal message of good cheer to their constituents by hand delivering Christmas cards to over 6000 homes in Camborne and Illogan.

In a tradition that stretches back almost a decade Mebyon Kernow Councillors have been delivering Christmas cards to wish residents a Merry Christmas and to say thank you for their continued support. Councillor Stuart Cullimore, who started the local tradition in 2003, said:

''We like to deliver our Christmas cards to the people in our wards to share a bit of Christmas with them and to repay, in a small way, the faith they have placed in us as their elected representatives."

Cllr. Cullimore added that by delivering the cards by hand, councillors get a further chance to meet up with people personally to say hello, at what can be a lonely time for many:

"I think it is also a good time to meet the residents of my ward and wish them a merry Christmas personally I like to think that all the members of the community know me personally, people seem to like our cards I even know people who have kept all the ones we have done over the years."

The design for this year’s card has been contributed by local artist Paul Jenkin and the Christmas message is in the Cornish and English languages. Some of the cost of the Christmas cards is covered by contributions from MK members, but the majority of the cost is met by the councillors themselves.

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